Handling Angry Callers

Handling Angry Callers

Give your staff the skills and confidence to deal with angry callers

Essential Skills

Learn the fundamentals of call handling and start transforming angry callers

Defusing Techniques

Clear instructional training shows the incorrect and correct ways to deal with anger

Advanced Techniques

How to use the A.L.E.R.T. technique to dealing with angry callers

Give your staff the skills and confidence to deal with angry callers using this comprehensive training resource.  This training film shows how to deal with angry phone calls in a way that will reduce the caller’s anger – and reduce the stress caused by the person dealing with their anger.


What is ‘Handling Angry Callers’ about?

Watch as three different call handlers deal with an angry caller. Clear instructional training shows the incorrect and correct ways to deal with anger.

You will be able to transform angry callers into satisfied callers. And your organisation will reap the additional benefits of better staff retention, less absenteeism, higher morale and improved service delivery.

What is covered in ‘Handling Angry Callers’?

‘Handling Angry Callers’ uses realistic drama to cover:

How to begin a call
Understanding anger
Never pass the blame
Avoid getting diverted into extraneous discussions
Never to place a caller on hold unless it’s absolutely necessary
Procedure to place a caller on hold
How to close a call
The role of effective communication
Calming the caller
How to avoid arguing with an angry caller
Using‘we’ to describe you and the caller
How to avoid using ‘you’ too often
How to avoid using ‘but’
What to do when it’s company policy
When to say sorry
Dealing with offensive language
The ALERT technique for dealing with angry callers:

What is included in the resource?

There are seven components included in this resource:

Handling Angry Callers DVDDVD
The core of this learning resource is the 25 minute video that demonstrates the ALERT procedure using realistic drama. For fast and effective learning, the programme can been used on its own.
Handling Angry Callers Leader's GuideLeader's Guide
The Leader's Guide is designed to help you conduct a group learning session. You can also make use of the ready-to-run training session and the PowerPoint® slides.
Learning Points HandoutHand-out
The hand-out contains all key learning points for learners to take away.
Handling Angry Callers CertificateCertificate of Attendance
The certificate can be used to confirm a learner’s attendance at a 'Handling Angry Callers' session.
Handling Angry Callers Powerpoint SlidesPowerPoint® Presentation
The animated PowerPoint® presentation can be used to conduct the three hour learning session contained in the Leader’s Guide.

How much does the resource cost?

There are two purchase options:

  1. DVD only: £999 + VAT
  2. Full resource: £1,299 + VAT

Free Preview

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