Getting It Done Yesterday!

Getting It Done Yesterday!

Help your people hit deadlines and improve productivity

Learn From Others Mistakes

Watch a manager struggle to hit a target to deliver important orders

Avoid Stress. Boost Motivation

Learn from a stressed manager who is unable to motivate his workers

New 6-Step Process

Learn to use the C.A.E.S.A.R process to improve staff engagement

Overcome Problems

Help managers tackle problems and negativity within their teams

Help your people hit deadlines and improve productivity in your organisation by introducing them to the CAESAR mnemonic and learning contained in this amusing and contemporary training film.


What is ‘Getting It Done YESTERDAY!’ about?

‘Getting It Done YESTERDAY!’ watches a manager as he struggles to hit a target to deliver important orders. He is stressed and unable to motivate his workers to ‘go that extra mile’.

Once he discovers the CAESAR process, he is able to focus his people and improve productivity.

What are the learning points?

The film is introduces a mnemonic called CAESAR that enables the manager to improve productivity. We watch him as he learns to use the process, and puts it into practice with his people.

The CAESAR mnemonic:

C  Clear about what’s required
A  And
E  Empowered to carry it out.
S  Supported
A  And
R  Recognised.

What is included in the resource?

There are five components included in this resource:

Getting It Done Yesterday DVDDVD
The core of this learning resource is the film that illustrates the learning points using humour and drama. For fast and effective learning, the programme can been used on its own.
Getting It Done Yesterday Learning GuideLearning Guide
This booklet provides support for all the learning points and and can be using to conduct a group learning session, or an individual learning session.
Getting It Done Yesterday Aide MemoireAide Memoire
The aide memoire contains the CAESAR mnemonic.
Learning Points HandoutHand-out
The hand-out contains all key learning points for learners to take away.
Getting It Done Yesterday CertificateCertificate of Attendance
The certificate can be used to confirm a learner’s attendance at a 'Getting It Done Yesterday!' session.

How much does the resource cost?

There are two purchase options:

  1. DVD only: £999 + VAT
  2. Full resource: £1,299 + VAT

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