Dealing With Difficult Customers

Dealing With Difficult Customers

Help staff handle difficult customers to get the best outcome without stress

Council Offices

Help your people learn how to handle sarcasm and intimidatory comments

Hospital Ward

Watch as an irate relative becomes aggressive towards a nurse

Boost Morale & Staff Retention

Reap the benefits of less absenteeism and improved service delivery

Give your staff the skills they need to deal with difficult customers. This DVD shows different techniques for handling angry and aggressive customers, and includes ways of dealing with aggressive behaviour using simple body language.  You will be able to help your staff handle difficult customers in a way that will reduce their stress and satisfy the customer too!


What is ‘Dealing With Difficult Customers’ about?

This training film demonstrates different techniques for dealing with difficult customers. Watch as the learning points are illustrated in three different situations:

The offices of a council
Difficult customers at a council
A financial organisation
Using the ALERT procedure
A hospital ward
Using body language

You will be able to transform difficult customers into satisfied customers. And your organisation will reap the additional benefits of better staff retention, less absenteeism, higher morale and improved service delivery.

What is covered in ‘Dealing With Difficult Customers’?

‘Dealing With Difficult Customers’ uses realistic drama to cover:

  • What to do when someone starts shouting
  • How to handle sarcasm and intimidatory comment
  • How to deal with an aggressive person
  • Techniques to calm customers
  • How to use body language to placate a customer
  • How to stop conflict escalating
  • Skills for defusing anger
  • 5-step technique to deal with difficult customers

What is included in the resource?

There are five components included in this resource:

Dealing With Difficult Customers DVDDVD
The core of this learning resource is the 20 minute film that illustrates the learning points using realistic drama. For fast and effective learning, the programme can been used on its own.
Dealing With Difficult Customers Learning GuideLearning Guide
This booklet provides support for all the learning points and and can be using to conduct a group learning session, or an individual learning session.
Dealing With Difficult Customers Aide MemoireAide Memoire
The aide memoire contains learning points covered in the film.
Dealing With Difficult Customers HandoutHand-out
The hand-out contains all key learning points for learners to take away.
Dealing With Difficult Customers CertificateCertificate of Attendance
The certificate can be used to confirm a learner’s attendance at a 'Dealing With Difficult Customers' session.

How much does the resource cost?

There are two purchase options:

  1. DVD only: £999 + VAT
  2. Full resource: £1,299 + VAT

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