Appraisals That Work

Before The Appraisal

Understand how to prepare and the best way to evaluate performance

The Appraisal Meeting

How to help the appraisee relax; How to give feedback that doesn't demotivate

Learning For All Staff

Suitable for staff carrying out appraisals; and for staff being appraised

Difficult Conversations

Learn how to deal with excuses and how best to close the appraisal

After The Appraisal

Creating objectives and summaries that deliver results

Make sure your staff aren’t just ‘ticking the box’ at their next appraisal by using this DVD to give them guidance on how to make the most of the opportunity.


What is ‘Appraisals That Work!’ about?

The training film is designed to be used by appraisers, and the people they are appraising. Watch as the incompetent Oliver is shown how to conduct an appraisal by his colleague.

And watch Cassie, the person that Oliver is to appraise, being helped to get the most out of her appraisal by her friend.

What is covered in ‘Appraisals That Work’?

1. Before The Appraisal

Learning points include:

  • Preparing for the appraisal
  • Guide to evaluating performance

2. The Appraisal Meeting

Learning points include:

  • How to help appraisee to relax
  • Giving feedback that doesn’t demotivate
  • How to deal with excuses
  • How to close the appraisal

3. After The Appraisal

Learning points include:

  • Objectives and summaries
  • The importance of follow-up meetings

What is included in the resource?

There are four components included in this resource:

Appraisals That Work DVDDVD
The core of this learning resource is the 20 minute film that illustrates the learning points using realistic drama. For fast and effective learning, the programme can been used on its own.
Learning Guide
This booklet provides instructions on how to conduct a group learning session, or an individual learning session. It describes how to use the DVD/Video, and how & when to use each component.
Learning Points HandoutHand-out
The hand-out contains all key learning points for learners to take away.
Getting It Done Yesterday CertificateCertificate of Attendance
The certificate can be used to confirm a learner’s attendance at a 'Appraisals That Work!' session.

How much does the resource cost?

There are two purchase options:

  1. DVD only: £999 + VAT
  2. Full resource: £1,299 + VAT

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