A Lesson In Handling Grievances

A Lesson In Handling Grievances

Demonstrates how the LESSON procedure can be used to handle grievances

Deal Correctly With Grievances

The employee will feel they have been treated in the right way

Handle Grievances Effectively

Show how to keep control and deal effectively with the issues

Use this film to show your managers an effective process for handling grievances – and how to comply with employment legislation.

Handling employee grievances is a difficult area of management. The issues that are discussed are frequently emotive and contentious.  What’s more, the handling of a grievance has to comply with employment law.


What is ‘A Lesson In Handling Grievances’ about?

This resource shows managers how to handle a grievance so that:

  • The employee will feel that they have received a fair hearing, and been treated fairly;
  • The manager can keep control and deal effectively with the issues;
  • The process complies with employment legislation.

What are the learning points?

‘A Lesson In Handling Grievances’ shows a manager struggling to cope with two grievances. After discovering the LESSON process, he is able to correctly handle the grievances.

The LESSON process for handling grievances:
L     Listen
E     Establish The Facts
S     Summarise
S     Specify The Solution
O    Obtain Agreement
N    Note Everything

You will be able to help your managers deal with one of the most difficult parts of their roles: conducting a grievance hearing. Using this resource they will have the confidence and skills to tackle grievance matters, and will be able to carry out a hearing that is procedurally correct.

What is included in the resource?

There are five components included in this resource

A Lesson In Handling Grievances DVDDVD
The core of this learning resource is the film that illustrates the learning points using realistic drama. For fast and effective learning, the programme can been used on its own.
A Lesson In Handling Grievances Learning GuideLearning Guide
This booklet provides support for all the learning points and and can be using to conduct a group learning session, or an individual learning session.
A Lesson In Handling Grievances Aide MemoireAide Memoire
The aide memoire contains the LESSON mnemonic.
Learning Points HandoutHand-out
The hand-out contains all key learning points for learners to take away.
A Lesson In Handling Grievances CertificateCertificate of Attendance
The certificate can be used to confirm a learner’s attendance at a 'A Lesson In Handling Grievances' session.

How much does the resource cost?

There are two purchase options:

  1. DVD only: £999 + VAT
  2. Full resource: £1,299 + VAT

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